Friday, February 24, 2012

Science Fair stuff & update

a small problem...
The USB I had everything on was kinda lost, so I have to, unfortunately, postpone it more.  Sorry =(

Luckily, though, I have a text document about it right here:  (I think it's the final version)



This abstract was requested by the Fair judges to facilitate their work. An abstract is a
BRIEF summary (fewer than 200 words) of the purpose of your experiment, your experimental
method, and significant conclusions that can be drawn from the evidence you have collected.
Please type or print legibly. Please place the abstract on the table in front of your project.

Project Title: Houdini's Bathtub

Purpose: To find whether fuel cubes or solar heating was more efficent or practical in heating water to 100 degrees fahrenheit.

Experimental method:
1. Calculate the amount of energy needed to heat a bin of tap water to desired temperature in BTUs (28 pints, 100-108 Fahrenheit)
2. Design a system for each heating system
a. Use camping stove that runs on fuel cubes
b. Design solar heating system
i. Spray-paint (or use paintbrushes to paint) a panel of insulation foil black
ii. Insert foil into window frame
iii. Stuff tubing into window frame
iv. Insert end of tubing into pump
v. Insert thermometer
vi. Spray foam on to seal it in
vii. Fill bin with water and place pump inside the bin
viii. Put the other end of tube inside the other end of the bin
ix. Place the solar heating system to a sunny area
x. Test the system


What kind of assistance did you receive from others? Please explain in detail using the back of this
sheet if necessary.

What was the approximate cost of your project?
$ 130 for the solar
$ 10 for the fuel cubes
$ 140 total

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  1. I understand how things happen unexpectedly and mess up our plans (it happens to me a lot too) but I can wait patiently to see the pictures. I read the document and have a pretty good idea, but when you get them I'll be a happier camper.